Best Kitchen Design Ideas of the Year

Planning your dream kitchen is not an easy job and it can be pretty challenging if you are out of ideas or you have too many ideas in mind. The place you are already working with is also one of the most important factors you should take into account when planning a kitchen. However, no matter if you are planning a full renovation of your kitchen or you are simply looking for ways to refresh it on a budget, you should be aware of the hottest kitchen design trends of the year and today we are going to share them all with you!

Considering the fact that the kitchen is hard of every home, there is no wonder that many people have the desire to make it feel comfortable, be functional, and look like straight out of their dreams.

Pantries and larders are bespoke

Naked Kitchen comments: “When redesigning your kitchen, a bespoke larder is still one of the biggest trends this year and next. A must-have in the modern kitchen, with storage at the right temperature and ingredients easily accessible, a well-designed bespoke larder is also a thing of great beauty.”

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are not a new feature to the design of the dream kitchen of millions of people. In fact, they are widely incorporated in the design and interior of millions of kitchens nowadays because they ensure functionality and they can be a perfect feature to a number of interiors. Mike at B&Q says: “The kitchen islands are synonymous with a luxurious and sociable kitchen.” Depending on the design of the kitchen island, it can also give you a lot of additional storage space and also double act as an additional dining area if you add some bar stools. In case your kitchen is not that spacious for an island, make sure to consider the peninsula alternative that is attached to one wall only.

Benches and banquette seating

The kitchen nowadays is slowly but surely transitioning into a communal space for lounging and this is why built-in benches, banquettes and booths can work perfectly into the interior of your kitchen. “We are seeing an emerging trend with banquette style seating, in an area where kitchen islands and breakfast bars have dominated” is what Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio are thinking. “Banquette style seating is a fantastic use of space and offers more comfortable seating to relax and get some much-needed headspace in this fast-paced world we live in.”

Green hues and tones

As it comes to the hottest colours and tones for kitchens in 2019, “new rich blue-green emerging” seems to be a favourite according to many interior designers. Hayley Simmons, head of merchandising at Magnet, is commenting: “Green kitchen cabinetry is set to be a new, key style. Green can be equally dramatic and luxurious when used in the kitchen. As a thoroughly modern look, deep forest greens can be balanced out with latte shades, smoky glass and soft metallic.”

Black is sophistication

A sharp increase in the purchase of entirely black and matt kitchens is an emerging trend in recent time. Matt at Rotpunkt explains: “2019 interior colour trends will embrace the darker colour palette, showing fewer primary colours and a greater emphasis on black which is contrasted by rich coffee browns, shades of grey, taupe and biscuit beige.”

Navy is classic and versatile

While black may be very popular, you don’t have to forget about the classic and versatile beauty of navy too. “We have noticed an increase in darker and more vibrant colours in the kitchen, but it’s navy that continues to be popular. Its versatility means it’s a colour that can adapt to both modern and traditional surroundings.” comments The Shaker Kitchen Company.

Original storage ideas

When it comes to kitchens, besides their functionality in terms of working space and their appearance, storage space is equally important. Overhead boards, ceiling-high storage cabinets and cupboards and more, alternatives for additional storage space are many. According to Joanne Emery, the marketing manager of Burbidge: “Multifunctional and hidden storage will be an essential feature for both compact and large kitchens in the coming year and the demand for bespoke storage is expected to rise.”

Cabinets with reeded glass

Papilio reveals that: “Reeded glass will be everywhere this year. This finish adds a wonderful layer of texture to space, a great tool for the kitchen to mix up all those straight lines and smooth surfaces. The reeded effect works well with natural materials. Plus the glass is semi-opaque so you reveal a glimpse, not the entire contents beyond.”

Multifunctional sink

Have you ever considered the alternative that your kitchen sink may not just work as a kitchen sink only? There is no wonder that multifunctional kitchen sinks are getting more and more popular and doubling as wine racks and wine coolers, especially with kitchens now becoming a place for entertaining. You can get even further, as Tom Howley, the creative design director of Tom Howley explains it: “A relaxed, modern country kitchen is a true maker of luxury, and this sunken champagne bath only goes to highlight that.”

Single-slab splashbacks

Splashbacks are no more just a functional element of the kitchen but more and more a major aspect of its unique design. Similar to the way you will select a colour of paint for the walls or wallpaper, you can use splashbacks to make that unique statement wall in your kitchen and make it the focal point of the space. A single slab is a splashback is a great alternative to the standard tiling in the kitchen and also offers practical cleaning benefits and easier maintenance.