Danmar Kitchens

A well designed kitchen is everyone's dream and with the help of Danmar Kitchens it is within everyone's grasp. The perfect kitchen is a multi-functional room depending on the needs of the family, no longer just a room to cook in, it is the heart of the home, a room where the family can relax, entertain friends, or perhaps simply enjoy a pleasant environment where the children can do their homework while the evening meal is being prepared. No two families are the same and there are other major factors to consider such as the space you have to work with and the budget. This is where Martyn Ive and his team can step in, not only can they transform your dreams into reality but their extensive experience means that they can offer new ideas and solutions to create a better kitchen. Working from initial drawings, Danmar always prepare a 3D virtual kitchen for you to view online, which gives you the opportunity to work together to iron out any problems before final plans are drawn up.